Fatigue, its classification and effects on students

Fatigue, its classification, and effects on students

It is usually seen that, when someone is engaged in the same job for a long time, there occur physical and mental changes towards the job. The person who experiences physical and mental changes towards the job also naturally experiences a fall in their performance. This physical and mental change is known as tiredness for fatigue. 

So, fatigue refers to sloth in the working persons and reduction in their performance. Reduction in the performance of individuals is the universal cause of fatigue. Psychologists have defined fatigue in various ways. 

Some said, "Reduction in performance is fatigue." Another defined, "In a work situation, a fall in working capacity or performance is fatigue" An analytical definition is, "As a result of continuous engagement in the same type of job for a long time, there appears a decrease in working capacity of individuals and this decrease of working capacity may be termed as fatigue."

Classification of fatigue

Psychologists have classified fatigue into two categories:

a) Physical fatigue

b) Mental fatigue

a) Physical fatigue: The fatigue that occurs because of physical labor for a long time is called physical fatigue. This type of fatigue is related to body muscles and senses. Every individual has got a limit, fatigue occurs. In normal situations, the body fulfills all the physical needs required at work. For example, the body meets the demands of additional oxygen by breathing quickly.

Again, in case of rising blood pressure and heartbeat, the body discharges additional starch. But fatigue occurs in an individual when the job is highly laborious, or if the person is less endurable, or if the physical balance is affected due to very cold or hot weather.

b) Mental fatigue: Mental capacity decreases and fatigue occurs when someone does any mental work for a long time. For example, if we solve mathematical problems for a long time, we see that our thinking power, logical power, and power to correct the results of the problems gradually fall, and thus we experience a decrease in our mental capacity.

This change of mental state or decrease of mental capacity is known as mental fatigue. Besides, fatigue may also occur due to differences in personal likings and change of mental condition, and environment. As physical and dislikings mental work cannot be isolated fully, so in the case with physical and mental fatigue. Therefore, mental fatigue may occur as a result of long physical activity and similarly, physical fatigue may be caused by long mental work as well.

Effects of mental fatigue upon students

The physical fatigue that occurs in students participating in physical education programs depends on the volume of physical activities they do. As a result of physical labor, a huge amount of sweet is discharged from their body and it has an impact upon the movement of body organs and concentration in the activity. While performing physical education programs, the students often suffer from mental fatigue which is visible through the following symptoms:

  • They may make mistakes in their performance of physical education programs.
  • They may lose self-confidence.
  • There lacks of coordination in their activities.
  • They lose the rhythm of work and take wrong decisions.
  • They become inattentive and cannot understand the techniques of implementing the programs.
  • There decreases attentiveness to duty and they become mentally weak.

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