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How mirror can be identified by observing the values of the magnification?

How mirror can be identified by observing the values of the magnification? If an object is placed within the focal length of a mirror, the image of the object will get magnified in case of a concave mirror, and will get diminished in case of a convex mirror. The value of magnification will be greater than 1 in case of a concave mirror, and less than 1 in case of a convex mirror.

Program of physical education

Program of physical education

Programs of physical education in an educational institute include games and sports, physical exercise, and all other health as well as recreational related activities. A physical education teacher helps students to perform all these activities in the physical education program.

Physical education programs are divided into three categories:

  • Compulsory Sports Program
  • Intramural Sports
  • Extramural Sports

Compulsory Sports Program

In an educational institution sports program of physical education includes government instructions about physical education, physical education class, competition, assembly, and local instructions, etc. A physical education teacher has to observe all these programs. By government, instructions mean the orders and circulars issued by the ministry of education relating to physical education programs such as compulsory daily assembly, three classes a week, participation in inter-school sports competitions and games and sports on national days, and so on. By local instructions we mean the rules and regulations of an institution such as maintaining the cleanliness of the campus, participation in annual sports competitions, participation in cultural programs, participation in physical development tests and running tiffin program, etc.

Intramural Sports

Intramural is a Latin word. Intra means inside and mural means wall. So intramural sports mean all the games and sports taking place within the boundary of a school. For example, annual sports competitions, class x vs x cricket match, or class vi A section vs vi B section competition of any type, etc. 

Extramural Sports

Extra means outside and mural means wall. So all the games and sports competitions taking place outside the boundary of a school are called extramural sports. The games and sports or any type of competition of one school or college with another school or college are commonly called extramural competitions. For example, inter-school, inter-college, inter-university, interclub, etc. By participating in an extramural competition the strength of one's own team can be tested. Players of different standards participate in such types of competitions. As a result of coming in close contact with good players, one can learn good behavior and better technique from them. Through these competitions, students can develop team spirit, mutual understanding, competitive attitude, and good relationships.

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