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What is PanSexual?

What is PanSexual? Pansexuality is a term that refers to people who are attracted to others no matter the other person's gender identity. That includes men, women, and anyone who falls outside of the gender binary.  Pansexuality is not just limited to sexual attraction but can also involve a romantic or emotional attraction. The "pan" is pansexual is Greek for "all". So, the term pansexual describes individuals whose romantic or sexual attraction to people is not limited by biological sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Read more What is rape? Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Mental Abuse What is autism?


We pass our day-to-day life through various odds and problems. Happiness and sorrows are everyday phenomena of human life. When a baby is born into a family, everybody becomes happy and excited. Parents keep planning so many things for the bright future of the newborn. One of the issues of their planning is the healthy and normal development of the child. The physical, psycho-social, and intellectual development of a child takes place in a certain way but there are some exceptions in this respect. Parents get worried when they see that their child is behaving differently from other normal children or not following normal rules of development or lagging behind its age group. Gradually there prevails despair and frustration in the family. At first, parents have to struggle with their own minds to accept the difference in their child. At the same time, parents have to face many odds due to the negative attitudes of society and family members towards the baby. Normal development of a

Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology When we look around us, we see two types of living things - plants and animals. Based on this, for a long time, biology was divided into two branches - Botany and Zoology. However, the field of biology has expanded so much that it is not enough to confine its study to these two branches only. There are many living beings that are neither plants nor animals, such as bacteria, fungi. The classification is not appropriate when analyzing common characteristics of animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. So now also biology has been classified into many branches. Considering its aspect, there are also two other divisions of biology - Physical Biology and Applied Biology. Physical Biology In the field of Physical Biology, theoretical concepts are usually discussed. The following subjects are the general fields of its concern. Morphology: This deals with the form and structure of organisms. It is usually divided into two branches - external and internal morpholog

Concept of Biology

Concept of Biology In nature, we generally find two types of objects: non-living things and living organisms. The characteristics of non-living things are usually discussed in Physics and Chemistry. Biology is the branch of scientific knowledge concerning the life and characteristics of organisms.  But it is really difficult to find the very faint line of difference between living and non-living. In fact, physics and chemistry embody the principles of fundamentals of life, even non-living.  So, in order to understand living organisms, it is necessary to know about the physical sciences i.e. physics and chemistry. But it is wrong to think that it is not necessary to study biology if we have knowledge of physical sciences. Rather, life may be considered a complex combination of many non-living things in which some new characteristics occur. For example, the properties of water do not resemble that of hydrogen and oxygen, though it is made up of these two elements. So, although living

What is sinking fund?

What is sinking fund? A sinking fund is a fund containing money set aside or saved to pay off a debt or bond. A company that issues debt will need to pay that debt off in the future, and the sinking fund helps to soften the hardship of a large outlay of revenue. A sinking fund is established so the company can contribute to the fund in the years leading up to the bond's maturity. A sinking fund is a type of fund that is created and set up purposely for repaying debt. The owner of the account sets aside a certain amount of money regularly and uses it only for a specific purpose. Often, it is used by corporations for bonds and deposits money to buy back issued bonds or parts of bonds before the maturity date arrives. It is also one way of enticing investors because the fund helps convince them that the issuer will not default on their payments. Basically, the sinking fund is created to make paying off debt easier and to ensure that a default won't happen because there is a suffic

What is not true for functional interface?

What is not true for functional interface? A functional interface is an interface that contains only one abstract method. They can have only one functionality to exhibit. Since default methods have implementation, they are not abstract. If an interface declares an abstract method overriding one of the public methods of java.lang.Object, that also does not count toward the interface's abstract method count since any implementation of the interface will have an implementation from java.lang.Object or elsewhere. You may like What is price discrimination? Environmental Pollution Valency of Oxygen What is sham bedding? What is E-commerce?  

Full form of NDA

Full form NDA The full form of NDA is National Democratic Alliance. National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is an Indian big tent political alliance led by right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP).  It was found in 1998 and currently controls the government of India as well as the government of 17 Indian states. Its first chairman was Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. L.K. Advani, the former Deputy Prime Minister, took over as chairman in 2004 and served until 2014, and Amit Shah has been the chairman since 2014. You May Like 👉    What is management? 👉    What is E-commerce? 👉    What is Radioactivity?  

What is price discrimination?

What is Price Discrimination? Price discrimination is a selling strategy that charges customers different prices for the same product or service based on what the seller thinks they can get the customer to agree to. In pure price discrimination, the seller charges each customer the maximum price they will pay. In a more common form of price discrimination, the seller places customers in groups based on certain attributes and charges each group a different price. Types of Price Discrimination There are three types of price discrimination. They are - a) First-degree or perfect price discrimination, b) Second-degree and c) Third-degree. You May Like 👉    What is management? 👉    What is E-commerce? 👉    What is Radioactivity?  


ILLITERACY Illiteracy is a curse. It is the root cause of the ignorance that frustrates all development efforts of the government and the community. No development efforts can succeed unless illiteracy is eradicated. Eradication of illiteracy in a country like Bangladesh with so vast a population is undoubtedly a gigantic task. No individual, community, or organization, not even the government is capable of solving this huge problem single-handed. It is the social responsibility of all the literate people, men, and women, to make some concerted efforts to remove illiteracy from society. The Government of Bangladesh has already undertaken some important programs in this regard. To provide primary education for at least 70 percent of the children of six to ten years of age by the end of 1990, the Government has launched a program called the Universal Primary Education (UDE) Project. The objectives are to increase enrolment, especially of girls, reduce dropouts and retain them at school t

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