No rest or no motion is absolute. Explain it.

 Whether an object is actually in rest or motion depends on the reference object. If the reference object or reference frame is actually at rest, the object at rest will be actually at rest with respect to that frame. This type of rest is called absolute rest. A body is said to be in absolute rest when it is at rest with respect to an absolute rest object. But in this universe, it is not possible to get a reference object which is at absolute rest. Since the earth is moving around the sun while the sun itself is moving along the galaxy with its planets and satellites. So, we can say that in this universe all rest and all motion are relative.  No rest or no motion is absolute.

Why the atmospheric pressure changes with the changes of altitude?

 The atmosphere for its weight applies force on the earth's surface and the amount of force acting perpendicularly on per unit surface area of the earth is called atmospheric pressure. As the altitude increase, the length of the air column decreases. So, the weight it applies to per unit surface area i.e, pressure decreases with the increase of altitude from the surface. 

What type of quantity weight is - explain.

 Weight is a force that is a vector. So, it has a magnitude and direction. However, mass is a scalar. Weight and mass are related to one another, but they are not the same quantity. Mass is multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity to calculate the weight of an object. Acceleration due to gravity is directed vertically downward.  So, weight is also vertically downward. 

The acceleration of a body is 5 ms-2. What does it mean?

 If the acceleration of a body 5 ms -2  it means that the body is moving with a uniform velocity of 5 ms -1  each second; that is, its velocity is increasing every second at a rate of 5 ms -1 .

A body moving with uniform velocity doesn't have acceleration-explain.

 The rate of change of velocity with the time that is the change of velocity is known as acceleration. It means to be accelerated, the magnitude or direction of the speed of a body must be changed. But if the magnitude of the velocity of a moving body remains unchanged, then the velocity of the body is called uniform or equal velocity.  So, a body moving with uniform velocity doesn't have acceleration.

What is the binomial name of Jackfruit?

Binomial name of Jackfruit : Artocarpus heterophyllus .

What is the binomial name of Mango?

Binomial name of Mango: Mangifera indica .

What is the binomial name of Jute?

  Binomial name of Jute : Corchorus capsularis

What is the binomial name of Rice

 Binomial name of Rice:   Oryza sativa

What is computer mouse?

Computer Mouse The mouse is an example of a pointing device. A ball is used underneath the mouse to detect movement, so by moving the mouse around the user can control the position of a pointer on the screen. There are usually two buttons, which have different functions: very often the left button is used to select something by double-clicking it and the right button brings up drop-down menus. Many mice also have a scroll button, which speeds up the process of moving through a document. Recent developments have produced the optical mouse (where movement is detected by reflected light rather than the position of a moving ball) and the cordless mouse (which is an example of a wireless device). The advantage of an optical mouse is it has no moving parts and it also doesn’t pick up any dirt. This makes it more robust and improves its performance since the older type of mouse can ‘skid’ on certain surfaces reducing the control of the pointer. Uses Mice can be used for opening, closing, and

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