Variation of games for gaining specific physical fitness

Variation of games for gaining specific physical fitness

There are different types of physical exercise for different games. A single type of physical exercise is not applicable for all games. For example, the strength of hands is more required in some games whereas the strength of legs is more important in some other games. Game-specific physical exercises are essential for doing better in that game.

For example -

Football: In football, the most important components of physical fitness are strength, endurance, and agility. Therefore, football players should take exercise more to develop their strength, endurance, and agility.

Swimming: Swimmers need to do more exercise to improve their strength of hands and legs and higher endurance.

Basketball: The basket players should give emphasis to the development of endurance, agility and strength of legs.

Volleyball: Good strength of hands helps volleyball players smash the ball. So volleyball players should take physical exercise to improve the strength of their hands.

Handball: Handball players require explosive power of hands and legs agility and endurance to do well in the game. So physical exercise is suitable for improving the explosive power of hands and legs. Endurance and agility are important for them.

Kabaddi: The kabaddi is known as a game of strength, but only strength is not enough to do well as a kabaddi player. In kabaddi, strength and agility are more important than other components. Kabaddi players should take special care to improve strength and agility.

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