Causes of mental fatigue and their remedy

Causes of mental fatigue and their remedy

Whatever may be the fatigue whether it is physical or mental there must have some reasons behind it. We have just discussed the causes of fatigue occurring in human beings due to programs related to physical stress. There are many other reasons why fatigue may occur.

Psychologists have divided the causes of fatigue into three classes:

1) Causes related to body or physique,

2) Causes related to mind or psyche,

3) Causes related to the environment.

Causes of physical fatigue include generation of lactic acid in muscles, decay of body muscles, discharge of salt from the body, a significant shortage of oxygen, excessive body movement, etc. In this lesson, we will discuss mental fatigue. We can analyze the causes of mental fatigue in the following manner.

1. Lack of mental preparation: 

We should be mentally prepared before doing anything. If the performer does not have a clear idea about the activity, fatigue may occur more quickly than usual.

2. Lack of practice and habit:

If the students practice the program regularly and get habituated to the activities required for the program, fatigue will not occur soon. Thus, fatigue occurs due to a lack of practice and exercise.

3. Lack of motivation and love for work:

When you are motivated and you love the work, fatigue does not occur even after you have worked for a long time. On the other hand, where there is no motivation, the work becomes simply a burden. In such coercive work, fatigue appears very easily.

4. Lack of mental willingness: 

If a student is unwilling to implement any activity fatigue occurs quickly. Strong willpower make difficult tasks easy. Hence, lack of mental willingness is considered as one of the causes of fatigue.

5. Environmental causes:

Apart from physical and mental causes, there are some factors that may cause environmental fatigue. An unhealthy environment e.g. damp and shabby environment, too hot, too cold, or damp weather is not congenial for any work. In such an environment there is a high probability to get fatigued. In the same way, lack of adequate light, air, wide space, and a clean environment creates fatigue among workers.

Ways to remove mental fatigue

As loss of physical and mental strength is the root cause of fatigue, fitness, and energy of both can remove it. In order to remove mental fatigue, we can put emphasis on the following issues:

1. Generating love for programs: When the students love physical education programs, fatigue cannot overpower them easily.

2. Avoiding monotony of programs: The monotony of boring activities makes the students fatigued. On the contrary, a little rest in work makes activities enjoyable and effective by removing monotony and fatigue.

3. Motivation: Activities should be full of motivations and will ultimately lead to spontaneous participation in the activities. Thus, motivations can remove fatigue.

4. Avoid stressful programs: Students should not be compelled to implement any activities that go beyond their capacity.

5. Rest and Sleep: As nutritious food essentially prevents physical decay, similarly rest and sleep help to remove fatigue and tiredness. Rest and sleep remove physical and mental fatigue and thus people can work with new enthusiasm and fresh energy.

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