Exercise to improve Speed, Strength, Endurance, Agility and Flexibility for Physical Fitness

Exercise to improve Speed, Strength, Endurance, Agility, and Flexibility for Physical Fitness

Everyone should have knowledge about their own body before taking any physical exercise. This is essential for the sake of maintaining health. The knowledge about organs and systems helps one to select the required physical exercise to develop the organs. By taking appropriate physical exercise we can develop our body to its optimum level. Physical fitness depends on five components namely -

1. Strenght 

2. Speed

3. Endurance 

4. Agility

5. Flexibility

1. Strength: Strength is the ability to overcome resistance or act against resistance. For example, by developing muscles of hands we can increase the strength of the hands. Some physical exercises to develop strength of hands are as follows:

a) Move dumbell up and down, closing hands.

b) Lie in a supine position and push the barbell up and down with your hands.

c) Put hands-on floor parallel to shoulder and push up and down. Slowly raise one leg and push up.

d) Throw the medicine ball.

e) Different types of exercise of hands in the multi gym. We can develop strength of hands and shoulders by doing above mentioned physical exercises systematically as per instruction of the trainer.

2. Speed: Speed means quickness of movement. The faster one moves, the more speed one has. We should take physical exercise to improve the strength of leg muscles in order to gain speed.

a) In supine position move your legs up and down.

b) In the gymnasium move the iron weight in and out, using legs.

c) Practise 25 m and 50 m sprint again and again.

d) Practice running, using a treadmill.

e) Run on the sand to strengthen muscles. If we practice above mentioned physical exercises, it will ensure strength and growth of leg muscles. So, it increases our speed.

3. Endurance: Endurance is a must for games and sports. It is to mention that games like football, long-distance run, marathon, basketball, etc require a high level of endurance. Here are some physical exercises to develop endurance.

a) Run slowly and continuously for a long time.

b) Run accross uneven places.

c) Run one kilometer on the 1st day, one and a half kilometers after 3 days, and 2 kilometers after 7 days. Gradually increase the distance. Any student by acquiring five virtues can develop physical fitness and these increase concentration to studies.

4. Agility: Agility is the ability to perform a series of movements in rapid succession with the balance of the body in a small area. The following physical exercise can improve agility.

a) Run fast and stop with the whistle.

b) Practise 10 meter shuttle run. Do this exercise for a specific period.

c) Practise 20 meter shuttle run for two minutes. The one who can run for the highest number will be the champion. Thus agility will be improved.

5. Flexibility: Flexibility refers to the ability to achieve one extended range of motion without being impeded by excess tissue. The following physical exercises are important to develop flexibility of our body.

a) Stand up on a bench with your legs straight bend your forward slowly keeping your hand attached to your ears the one whose body bends more than others is more flexible.

b) Lie in a supine position, keep hands closer to the ears and fold legs at the knee and move the body up and down. It is called aching.

c) Sit on the ground keeping your legs straight and try to touch your toes while your hands are attached to the ears.

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