Mental Behavior, its classification and ways of removing mental anxiety

Mental Behavior, its classification and ways of removing mental anxiety

Human beings, pass through various biiological steps before their maturity. These steps are childhood, puberty, youth and old age. At each stage when physical changes occur, every human is influenced by specific types of behaviors. These types of behaviors are controlled by direct action and chemcial stimulants. Besides this, such behaviors are also influenced and instigated by reflex actions and inherent reactions. So, as life proceeds there appears complexity in the nature of behvaior and humans solve all the complexities by dint of natural intellegience, reasoning and power to achieve the targets.

Classification of mental behaviors

There exist wonderful dissimilarities between individuals' characteristics and behaviors. For example, someone is extermely jolly but another is sad; one is fond of fun but one is grave; one is lively but another is serious; one is intelligent but the other is dull; one is cautious but the other is advanturous; one is soft and polite but the other is rough and rude. 

There are numerous examples of such contradictory characteristics which vary from individual to individual. When these characteristics are evident in a person, they are regarded as personal characteristics. By means of this personal uniqueness, one person can be distinguished from another. We need to know the reasons of this personal uniqueness. It is found that all the children who were born and brought up in the same environment of a family do not share the same characteristics. They differ in their personality types and behaviors. Some scholars say that these differences are due to physical structure but some others think that due to genetic uniqueness or environmental condition all these differences in personality occur.

Ways of removing mental anxiety

By health we mean physical and mental fitness. Body and mind are complementary to each other. If there is mental unhappiness, it naturally affects physical health as well. Mental illness may cause lots of failure and distress in human life. Mental illness may initiate mental perversion in children. That's why parents and guardians should be careful to remove anomalies from children's behaviors.

State of mind is the subject matter of mental health. It includes psychology, mental diseases, herbal, socialogy, botany, zoology, etc. Child psychology and education, and mental perversions and disorder. Mental disorder includes mental diseases, shortage of intellect, neurosis, obsession, mental morbidity, crime-proneness etc. In order to remove or prevent mental anxiety from children, proper education for them, bringing them up in a healthy style, good care, good family environemnt and positive attitudes of parents are essential.

Again, patient behavior with chiildren, education for them, child-friendly environment, nutrition, care, and all other facilities necessary to live a happy life should be available with a view to managing complex nature and mental anxietiesof children.


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