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How mirror can be identified by observing the values of the magnification?

How mirror can be identified by observing the values of the magnification? If an object is placed within the focal length of a mirror, the image of the object will get magnified in case of a concave mirror, and will get diminished in case of a convex mirror. The value of magnification will be greater than 1 in case of a concave mirror, and less than 1 in case of a convex mirror.

Importance of physical fitness

Importance of physical fitness

Generally, physical fitness means the ability to do work. In a broader sense, physical fitness refers to the ability to maintain health and normal life related to biological existence. Physical fitness includes one's physical, mental, and social fitness. Therefore, it is regarded that physical fitness and wellness are holistic approaches. A man with physical fitness can also maintain mental health, emotional balance, and social relationship besides physical health to explain physical fitness as a holistic approach. A sports journal named AAHPER (American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation) has included the following as physical fitness.

  • Physical health according to genetic inheritance.
  • Strength, speed, endurance, coordination, and techniques required to perform day-to-day activities and to face emergencies.
  • Proper attention and values for performing day-to-day activities.
  • Necessary emotion balance to manage the stress of a complex lifestyle.
  • Capacity to adjust with the team and required social awareness.
  • Required knowledge and analytical power to solve the problems faced in life.
  • High morality and strong personality to perform duties and responsibilities as a good citizen of a democratic country.

Therefore the concept of fitness includes the total fitness of an individual. In fact, fitness is based on the concept of the totality of a human. Among all the components of total fitness the most practical, the most essential and the most primary component is physical fitness. This aspect of fitness is vital for maintaining biological existence. Physical fitness is the ability to perform physical activity. So the degree of physical fitness level varies depending on the nature of the physical activity. For this reason, the physical fitness of a common person for walking, moving, sitting, and doing other day-to-day activities and the physical fitness of a player is not the same. 

A clear defined physical fitness is "The ability to carry out the everyday tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue and with ample energy to leisure-time pursuits and to meet unforeseen emergencies. Many people think that in this technology-based modern life where physical activities have been decreased remarkably the above definition of physical fitness is not fully applicable in our context. The capacity of physiological organs and the systems and the ability to adjust to the environment are some important dimensions of physical fitness.

Importance of Physical Fitness

A student who acquires physical fitness will be able to live a healthy life overcoming all the odds and dangers of life. For example:

  • To perform any physical activity smoothly.
  • To be able to face any emergency situation.
  • To develop immunity to fight diseases.
  • To be attentive in a study with a fresh mind through attaining physical fitness.
  • To develop skills required for any type of game.

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