What is the swift code for Bank of America?

The SWIFT code for Bank of America depends on the type of incoming wire transfer you're receiving:

  • For wires in USD: use BOFAUS3N. This is the main Bank of America SWIFT code and should work for most cases.
  • For wires in foreign currency: use BOFAUS6S.

If you're unsure about the currency type, it's generally safer to use BOFAUS3N.

Bank of America

However, it's always best to confirm the correct SWIFT code with your recipient or directly with Bank of America to avoid any delays or errors.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Each Bank of America branch may have a unique SWIFT code. If you know the specific branch your transfer is going to, you can find its SWIFT code on the Bank of America website or by contacting the branch directly.

Be sure to double-check all the information before initiating a wire transfer, including the recipient's name, account number, and bank details. Mistakes can be costly and difficult to rectify.

I hope this information helps!

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