Mention Health and Fatigue

Mention Health and Fatigue

We need to know the definition of health before discussing mental health and fatigue. Usually by health we physical healthiness or a state of body free from any diseases. But in a broader sense, mental health is also necessary besides physical health. Mental health is largely dependent on physical health. Whatever may be our business, we do not feel good and motivated to work and also our performance falls if our body is not fit.

Mental fitness is maintained through harmonious coordination between personal and environmental demands. Thus, an individual who can maintain a good balance between personal demands and social demands successfully is called a mentally fit person. It is the mental health of an individual that shows full and harmonious coordination between the physical and mental activities of the whole personality. A temporary fall in performance capability is seen in an ordinary person or an ordinary player as a result of excessive workload or stress.

Again, as a result of prolonged engagement in the same job, people experience changes in physical and mental behaviors toward the job. Consequently, the performance capacity of individuals decreases. This change in a person's physical and mental state is commonly called tiredness or fatigue.

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