Mineral Resources: Fossils


Chapter - 11: Mineral Resources: Fossils

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11.1 Fossil Fuel

The ruins of plant and animals of ancient periods which are found underground are called fossil fuels.

11.2 Hydrocarbons

11.3 Saturated Hydrocarbons: Alkanes

11.4 Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Alkenes and Alkynes

11.5 Alcohols, Aldehydes and Fatty Acids

11.6 The Uses of Alcohol, Aldehydes and Organic Acids

11.7 Polymers

Polymerization Reaction: The reaction in which innumerable tiny molecules of any substances are attached with each other and form a large molecule is called a polymerization reaction.


Polymer molecule:

Dimer:When two molecules joins each other, it is called a dimer.

Trimer: When three monomers join one another, it is called a trimer.

Types of Polymers

Polymers can be classified in many ways. However, according to their structure, polymers are of two kinds, such as-

i) Addition Polymer and ii) Condensation Polymer.

i) Addition Polymer

The polymer which is formed in a addition polymerization reaction is called an addition polymer.

Addition Polymerization Reaction

The polymerization reaction in which the monomer molecules are directly connected to one another and form a long-chained polymer is called an addition polymerization reaction.

Preparation of polythene

When ethene is heated in the presence of little amount of oxygen at 1000 atmosphere pressure and 200℃ temperature is applied then polythene is produced.

Question Bank

11.1 Fossil Fuel

  • What is fossil fuel?
  • How to form fossil fuel?
  • Write the percentage of components of natural gas?

11.2 Hydrocarbons

  • What is hydrocarbon?
  • How many types of hydrocarbon?

11.3 Saturated Hydrocarbons: Alkanes

  • What is alkane?

11.4 Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Alkenes and Alkynes

  • What is alkene?

11.5 Alcohols, Aldehydes and Fatty Acids

  • What is alcohol?

11.6 The Uses of Alcohol, Aldehydes and Organic Acid

  • Write the uses of alcohol?

11.7 Polymers

  • What are polymers?

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