Learning Outcome

  • Rest and Motion
  • Difference among different types of motion.
  • Scalar and vector quantities.
  • Relation among the quantities regarding motion.
  • Motion of freely falling quantities regarding motion with the help of graph.
  • Effective of motion in our life.

Rest and Motion

  • What is rest?
  • What is motion?
  • What is a position?
  • What is a reference point?
  • What do you understand by reference frame?
  • No rest or no motion is absolute - Explain.

Different Types of Motion

  • What is linear motion?
  • What is Circular motion?
  • What is translational motion?
  • What is periodic motion?
  • What is simple harmonic motion?

Scalar and Vector Quantities

Distance and Displacement

Speed and Velocity

Acceleration and Deceleration or Retardation

Equations of Motion

Laws of Falling Bodies

Necessary Equations

No. Equation   Information   Unit


Mathematical Problems

  • The velocity of a car increases uniformly at the rate of 5 ms-1 and after 10 s becomes 45 ms-1. Find the acceleration of the car. [Ans: 8 ms-2]

  • The velocity of a car decreases uniformly from 20 ms-1 and after 4s it becomes 4 ms-1. Find the acceleration of the car. [Ans: -4 ms-2]

  • A car starting from rest moves with an acceleration of 2 ms-2 its velocity reach at 20 ms-1. How long time does the car take part in acceleration activity? [Ans: 10 s]

  • A car is moving with a velocity of 54 kmh-1. It is accelerated by 4 ms-2 for 5s. What is the final velocity of the car and how far will it travel during the period of acceleration? [Ans: Final Velocity = 35 ms-1 and Traveled distance = 125 m]

  • A car starting from rest in straight moves with a uniform acceleration of 10 ms-2. What will be the velocity while crossing a person at a distance of 80 m? [Ans: 40 ms-1]

  • A body drops from the roof of a building 50 m high. With what velocity will it strike the ground.  [Ans: 31 ms-1]


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