Learning Outcome

  • Inertia of an object and qualitative concept of force applying Newton's first law of motion.
  • Nature of different types of forces.
  • Influence of balanced and unbalanced forces.
  • Momentum of objects.
  • Influence of force on motion.
  • Measure the force by applying Newton's second law of motion.
  • Action and reaction force by applying Newton's third law of motion.
  • Influence of motion and force on safe travelling.
  • Conservation of law of momentum and collision.
  • Different types of friction and frictional forces.
  • Influence of friction on the motion of an object.
  • Means to increase or decrease friction.
  • Positive impact of friction in our daily life.
  • Gravitational force.

3.1 Inertia and Concept of Force - Newton's First Law

3.2 Nature of Fundamental Forces

3.3 Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

3.4 Momentum

3.5 Collision

3.6 Effect of Force on Motion: Newton's Second Law

3.7 Gravitational Force

3.8 Newton's Third Law

3.9 Frictional Force

Necessary Equations

No. Information Unit


Mathematical Problems

  • What is the force to be applied to a mass of 50 kg to produce an acceleration of 4 ms-2? [Ans: 200 N]

  • A boy pushes a box of mass 20 kg with a force of 50 N. What will be the acceleration of the box? [Ans: 2.5 ms-2]

  • A force of 2000 N acts on a body of mass 20 kg for a time of 0.1 s. What is the change of momentum of the body? [Ans: 200 kgms-1]

  • A bullet of mass 10 g was shot from a gun with a velocity of 500 ms-1. If the mass of the gun is 2 kg, find the backward velocity of the gun. [Ans: 2.5 ms-1]


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