Ways of keeping away from smoking and drugs and the role of others in this respect

Ways of keeping away from smoking and drugs and the role of others in this respect

We should know the bad effects of smoking and taking drugs. But merely knowing about the subject is not enough to live a healthy and happy life. We should draw up a practical action plan immediately so that we can give up such harmful habits. The first and foremost thing is the firm conviction of not smoking or taking any other drugs in any situation in the future. At puberty, adolescents naturally feel very curious about the unknown and the forbidden. As a consequence of such curiosity and excitement or being influenced by friends or others, the pubescent may take up smoking or use drugs. Such curiosity or excitement may prove to be a cause of regret and remorse for the rest of life. Before quenching these excitements, the pubescent should think about what problems smoking and alcohol may cause. If they consider the bad habit. The following activities are to be followed if we like to keep away from smoking and drug abuse.

  • We should bear in mind the bad effects of smoking and drug abuse cause on our health.
  • We should also remember that for smoking and drug addiction our parents, brothers, and sisters, or guardians will feel embarrassed and ashamed. Teachers will never take it easy.
  • Then we should take a firm decision about this. If we can do that from the very beginning, we will be able to keep away from such disastrous habits.
  • At the time of taking a decision, we should first analyze situations, identify problems and probable risks, and then collect the required information on this subject. We have to gather information through various channels such as personal sources, family sources, or social sources. Finally, based on the information we should find out possible solutions to the problems and take the necessary initiatives to implement them.
  • Refraining from smoking and drugs is not enough. We should raise awareness and motivate our friends, classmates, relatives, and acquaintances to keep far away from these fatal addictions.
  • We should work actively to create public awareness about the harmful effects of drugs. Being aware of the evils of drug addiction, we all should keep ourselves, our friends, classmates, and acquaintances away from smoking and drugs.

Role of others in keeping away from drug addiction

In getting addicted to drugs, the bad influence of already addicted friends plays a crucial role. But all friends are not drug-addicted and therefore, all friends are not harmful. Only a few friends get drug-addicted whereas most of the friends are free from drug abuse and they are good.

These good friends can motivate and influence others not to take drugs. Apart from friends and peers, there are many others not to take drugs. Apart from friends and peers, there are many others who also play a significant role in keeping us drug-free.

For example, the careful eye of guardians upon their children acts as the most effective measure in the connection. Also, the role of teachers at school is very important. Teachers are role models to students. Students obey the advice and instructions of teachers with the highest sincerity and care.

Following the advice and orders given by the teachers in the classroom or outside, students can avoid drugs. Similarly, relatives and neighbors by means of their love and affection can also help children keep aloof from the clutches of drug addiction.

Furthermore, different mass media such as newspapers, radio, and television through their anti-drug campaign and publicity can create wide public awareness too. 

On the other hand, by taking legal steps and leading social movements against drug abuse, we can build a society free from drug addiction.

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