Causes of malnutrition, and remedies

Causes of malnutrition, and remedies

We need food to live and maintain health and physical development. Food supplies nutrition to the body. Symptoms of proper nutrition, are enthusiasm and hard work. We need the energy to work. Nutritious food supply energy. Six nutrients of food supply energy to our body.

Functions of nutrients: Different nutrients have different functions. Functions of these nutrients include bodybuilding, growth and development, repair of decay, heat and energy supply, heat and energy production, development and maintenance of organs, blood circulation, nutrition supply, discharge of urine and stool, cooling of the body, etc.

Requirement of a balanced diet: Foods containing all the six nutrients proportionately are called a balanced diet. But its requirements vary according to age and sex. For example, the requirement of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients by an adolescent is higher than that of a child. Again, the amount of food required by a player/labor is even higher than that of an adolescent.

Malnutrition-related diseases: Muscles will decay instead of developing in case there is a deficiency of proteins in a child's food. Due to protein deficiency fluid volume increases in the body and a child becomes very weak. This disease is known as Kwashiorkor. 

On the other hand, a child will suffer from a disease called Marasmus as a result of a deficiency of proteins, fat, etc. Iron, protein, and other nutrients produce hemoglobin in the blood.  Due to the deficiency of these nutrients in food, a disease called anemia takes place, Deficiency of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D causes children to suffer from a disease called rickets. The deficiency of iodine is responsible for Goiter. The deficiency of vitamin-A reduces eyesight at night, which is called night blindness. Beriberi for thiamine deficiency, mouth sore for riboflavin deficiency, scurvy for vitamin-C deficiency is some diseases related to malnutrition.

Causes of malnutrition: The main cause of malnutrition is ignorance and lack of awareness. It is a serious mistake to give fish-head, cream, cheese, big pieces of fish, and meat to the senior members of the family leaving the growing children aside.

Adult people require less protein and fat in their food. Lack of proper distribution of food according to the requirement of specific age groups is also a major cause of malnutrition in our society.

Ready for malnutrition

  • Family heads should know about low-cost food with the same nutrition value.
  • We should avoid superstition and wrong perception about some food such as duck eggs, Boal fish, Gojar fish, Pumpkin, etc as bad food.
  • Parents should know about the necessity of nutritious foods.
  • Parents should know that cooking for a long time spoils the food value of many vegetables and greens.
  • Vegetables should be washed before cutting them.
  • Guardians should be encouraged to rear poultry and cows in the house to address the deficiency of proteins.
  • We should try to eat small fish if big fish is expensive.
  • We should prepare a list of food according to food value and select daily meals to ensure nutrition for the family.
  • Wide publicity for nutrition, malnutrition, and remedies through radio, TV, and newspapers should be ensured.

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