Food contamination, Causes, symptoms, and its Prevention

Food contamination, Causes, symptoms, and its Prevention

Everything that repairs physical decay and maintains physical development and heat is called food. Our body is undergoing decay all the time due to physical activities. It is food that repairs this decay and keeps our body active. Of course, all the food items should be nutritious and balanced. Even nutritious food may cause harm to our body if the food is not safe.

For example, anybody falls sick by eating contaminated foodstuff. Contaminated food becomes poisonous and creates serious threats to health and life. Any contaminated food or drink that causes bacterial infection in the gullet and stomach is called poisonous food or drink.

Causes of food poisoning: Usually, food poisoning is caused by bacterial or toxins, a special type of organic poison. Bacteria contamination can occur in many ways. For example, keeping cooked food for a long time, before it is prepared and also during its preparation through harmful pests and insects, etc.

Again, proteins if not properly preserved get rotten and produce toxins. Taking such toxic food items may cause food poisoning. Besides, the flesh of poisonous animals, food contaminated by poisonous animals, food prepared with dirty and unhygienic hands, the meat of poisoned poultry, etc. are also some causes of food poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning: Food contaminated by bacteria makes stomach upset and as a result, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, loose motion, and dehydration take place. Food poisoning caused by toxins creates terrible situations. 

Symptoms like vomiting, constipation, vision problems, palsy, weakness, etc. are visible in such a situation. Food poisoning by toxins is called botulism. Symptoms appear within 12 - 24 hours after taking contaminated food. The patient may die in a few days if proper treatment is not given in time.

Preventive measures we should -

  • wash our hands well before preparing food.
  • take necessary measures to prevent contamination during food preparation and preservation.
  • drink safe and pure water.
  • keep cooked food away from raw fish, meat and vegetables.
  • Preserve our cooked food at the appropriate temperature for a certain period of time.
  • use safe water in cooking and food-related washing.

Treatment: For nausea or vomiting problems we should take the right medicine. In case of dehydration, we should take an oral rehydration solution (ORS). In an emergency situation caused by food poisoning, one should consult a doctor and get admitted to the hospital immediately.

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