Drug addiction, tobacco and intoxicating substances and their bad effects

Drug addiction, tobacco, and intoxicating substances and their bad effects

Drug addiction means strong attraction or addiction to any drug or intoxicating substances. The substances whose intake creates intense addiction are generally called drugs. There are some medicine items that are also considered as drugs for their use. Without prescription by a doctor if someone takes a medicine again and again, and if that medicine causes addiction, the medicine will be categorized as a drug.

Therefore, the substances that cause harmful effects on the human body and mind, and the users of those items feel strong attraction for or addiction to them, are called drugs. For example, cigarettes, cigars, wine, marijuana, cannabis, heroin, opium, pethidine, phensedyl, sleeping pill, etc. are commonly known as drugs.

People, who take drugs, gradually develop unusual dependence upon them. They cannot restrain themselves from taking drugs. In any case, if they cannot take drugs, there appear serious physical symptoms in them. Such as they become irritable; they may experience a lack of appetite, low blood pressure, and problem in breathing; they may also suffer from insomnia and develop aggressive attitudes.

Difference between medicine and drug

  • The use of medicines cures people of diseases but the use of drugs causes various diseases in the human body.
  • There is a defined dose for medicine but there s no dose specified for a drug.
  • One need not take medicine when the disease is cured but a drug addict cannot give up drugs easily.

Common drug items known in Bangladesh are heroin, opium, pethidine, phensedyl, marijuana, cannabis, yaba, sleeping pills, alcohol, and tobacco-made items. From tobacco leaves, tobacco-made items are prepared. In tobacco leaves, there is nicotine which is a drug. Drug items like biri, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff tobacco, etc. are made from tobacco leaves.

Methods of taking drugs: Drug users take drugs in different ways and methods. For example, some drugs are taken into the body through injection while some others are taken as a tablet, powder, or syrup. Similarly, some drugs are taken by drinking them as liquid though some others are taken by smoking. There are different methods of smoking as well. For example, cigarettes, biri, cigars, hookah, etc.

Bad effects of drugs and tobacco: There are many bad effects of taking drugs and tobacco. Taking tobacco mainly refers to smoking. Smoking is injurious for health. According to a report by World Health Organisation (WHO), every 8 seconds one person dies from tobacco-related complications. Smokers and the people who inhale tobacco smoke passively suffer from many types of diseases. The bad effects of taking drugs are as follows:

  • Drugs affect mental health. For example, drugs reduce the capability to learn and work, hamper power to manage stress and take decisions,s and aggravate mental anxiety.
  • Drugs cast painful impacts on family and social life. A drug addict behaves with family members rudely and destroys family peace.
  • Drugs have very harmful effects on physical fitness as well. Drugs cause damage to brain cells, lack of appetite, and reduction of eyesight.
  • Some drugs increase the probability of HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis-B contamination. Drugs cause esophagus and lung cancer, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, and many other diseases.
  • Drugs incur a financial loss. The drug addict creates unhappiness and causes want in the family in order to manage money for buying drugs.

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