Nature of Education

Nature of Education

Education is a process to develop the intellectual faculties of man. It makes civilized, refined, cultured, and educated human beings. For a civilized and socialized society, education is the only means which makes a man perfect. It is a systematic process through which a child or a man acquires knowledge, experience, skill, and sound attitude.

As the meaning of education and its nature is very complex, the natures of education are:

(a) Education as a life-long process - Education is a life-long process because every stage of life of an individual is important from an educational point of view.

(b) Education as a systematic process - It refers to transact its activities through a systematic institution and regulations.

(c) Education as the development of individual and the society - It is called a force for social development, which brings improvement in every aspect in the society.

(d) Education as modification of behavior - Human behavior is modified and improved through an educational process.

(e) Education as a training - Human senses, mind, behavior, activities; skills are trained in a constructive and socially desirable way.

(f) Education as instruction and direction - It directs and instructs an individual to fulfill his/her desires and needs for the development of his/her whole personality.

(g) Education as life - Life without education is meaningless and that is like the life of a beast. Every aspect and incident needs education for its sound development.

(h) Education as a continuous reconstruction of our experiences - As per the definition of John Dewey education reconstructs and remodels our experiences towards the socially desirable way.

(i) Education as the supreme power - Education is power and treasure in a human being through which he is entitled as the supreme master on the earth.

Therefore, the role of education is countless for a perfect society and man. It is necessary for every society and nation to bring holistic happiness and prosperity to its individuals.

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