Broader meaning of Education

The broader meaning of Education

In a broader sense education is not limited to the four walls of the classroom but is a life-long process. It is the modification of behavior and experiences from different means of sources of education. The broader view considers education as an act or experience that has a formative or additive effect on the personality of an individual. It is believed that education is not only an instrument of social change but also an investment in national development. Such a view of education encompasses all life experiences, as there is a shift in emphasis from individual development to national development.

Dunnville: “Education in its widest sense includes all the influences, which act upon an individual during his passage from cradle to the grave”.

John Dewey: “ Education, in its broadest sense, is the means of the social continuity”.

S. S. Mackenzie’: “In the wider sense, it is a process that goes on throughout life, and is promoted by almost every experience in life”.

Therefore, education means both the acquisition of knowledge and experience as well as the development of skills, habits, and attitudes, which help a person to lead a full and meaningful life in this world and to develop a wholesome personality.

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