Derive the concept of education etymologically

Derive the concept of education etymologically

Etymologically, the term “Education” is believed to have been derived from the Latin words “educare” and “educere” while educare means to “bring up” or “to nourish”, the word “educere” means “to bringforth” or “to draw out” or “a propulsion from the internal to external”. There are still others who believe that the word has been derived from the Latin word “educatum”, which itself is composed of two terms, ‘E’ and ‘duco’. ‘E’ implies a movement from inward to outward and ‘duco’ means developing or progressing.

Educare: The term education means “to nourish”, “to bring up”, “to raise”. So the meaning of the word “education” is to bring up children physically and mentally.

Educere: The word educate implies “to draw out”, to lead out”, “to bring forth”. Hence, ‘Education’ means bringing forth or leading out the inner power of the child, that is, drawing out what is inside the child.

Education: This word denotes “to train”, “to teach”, which implies the act of training or teaching the child.

Educo: Educo is considered to be the combination of ‘E’ and ‘duco’. Duco means “ I lead” and E stands for “out of. Therefore, education means to draw out or lead out the internal power of man. An analysis of these words reveal that education ends at providing a learner or a child a nourishing environment to bring out and develop latent potentiality hidden inside the individual. In India, there is a rich tradition of education dating back to the dawn of human civilisation, where the  “Gurukulas” and “Guru-shishya” parampara developed thousand years ago. Two prominent word in Sanskrit stand out as equivalence of the term “education”, those are “siksha” and “vidya”. The former has been derived from “shas” meaning ‘‘to discipline’’ or ‘‘to control’’. The later, ‘‘vidya’’, is derived from the verbal root word “vid” meaning ‘‘to know’’. Ancient Indian education which had a spiritual flavour, obviously stressed “discipline” and ‘‘knowing’’ as most important aspect of human personality.

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