Health Science and its importance

Health Science and its importance

The objective of the study of health science is to have knowledge about health and its principles. Again, the objectives of following health principles are to prevent diseases. The more we find out the reasons for diseases, the more we will be able to prevent them.

The ultimate objective is to get rid of diseases and have a long healthy life. Therefore by studying health science we can learn how to have good health and long life. We should acquire knowledge of health science to understand the essence of the proverb "health is the mother of all happiness". 

Environment and society have an influence on our health. A dirty environment causes harm to our health. Communicable diseases cause contamination from one body to another. How germs of communicable and contagious diseases are transmitted from one person to another and what we should do to prevent such diseases, are all topics covered under health science. Health science provides us knowledge about drinking safe water, avoiding polluted air, eating a nutritious balanced diet, living in a well-lit and well-lit and well-ventilated house, keeping school buildings healthy, traveling safely, ensuring self-defense from ferocious animals, like mad dogs and mad foxes, managing sewerage and garbage, etc.

Prevention and cure of diseases are two major objectives of health principles. But prevention of diseases and the nature of prevention depends on the types of diseases. For example, different diseases like cholera, T.B. pox, typhoid, etc. require different preventive measures and curative treatment. Pollution air, water, rotten, stale, and open food, problems in managing domestic garbage and sewerage, and dirty environment contribute to the spread of all these diseases. similarly, two major aims of health policy are reduction of the death rate of mothers and children through better management and medical facilities and ensuring ''First AID'' for accidents.

The main barrier to building good health is ignorance of indifference to health instructions. proper education, wide publicity for good health, etc, play an important role to remove this barrier. We should remember that every individual is a member of the society they live in. So, people in every sphere of society should be aware of health science. They should be advised to follow the principles of good health for collective welfare.

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