Concept and technique of personal health care

Concept and technique of personal health care

Physical fitness is a precondition for a happy life. When a student is not physically fit, he/she can't concentrate on study and does not find interest in any activity. So they cannot accomplish any task properly. It is essential to keep oneself physically fit in order to do anything successfully and live in peace and happiness.

It is difficult to restore a person's health to its healthy condition. To lead a healthy life everybody should take care of health and follow health instructions. What is health care? Health care refers to maintaining physical structure and natural growth and keeping free from diseases. Personal health care includes being aware of one's own health, taking necessary measures of health care, and following all health instructions. The issue of health care is related to both physical and mental health. An individual's physical growth and mental development take place, starting from childhood until youth. During this period they have to follow age-specific health instructions. So besides maintaining physical health, we should maintain mental health relationships as the mind and the body are complementary to each other.

Techniques of personal health care

We should develop healthy habits to live a healthy life. The foundation of developing health-friendly habits is following health-related rules. Health rules include cleanliness of oneself and their house, schools, surroundings, road, etc. necessary and adequate physical exercises, rest and sleep; sufficient intake of a balanced diet, and regular participation in games and sports.

We can keep our body and mind fit by following these health rules. One of the main aspects of health care is doing all necessary tasks related to health in time. A basic means of maintaining mental health is keeping oneself cheerful and perky. In this regards recreational activities such as playing games, traveling, practicing cultural activities, observing religious activities, etc. are important. Punctuality is also one of the important issues of maintaining health. 

We should complete all activities at the right times. The habit of regular and natural exertion, keeping away from drugs, etc. are some important techniques for personal health, and following them are very essential to lead a healthy life.

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