Common health problems and remedies

Common health problems and remedies

Disease for sickness is part of life. None can live without any disease in life. But one can avoid and prevent diseases. Common health problems leads to sickness. Therefore in order to keep oneself free from disease, one should know about the nature of a disease, its germs and how the disease spreads.

Causes of diseases: Various types of germs cause various diseases. We come into contact with a lot of germs of different disease every day. The germs enter our body in many ways. When the immunity of body decreases the body cannot fight against germ attacks and it becomes sick. On the other hand, germs can not easily attack the person whose body is strong and stout remains healthy.

Nature of diseasee: There are some diseases that infect other nearby people. Such diseases are called communicable diseases. Apart from human body, diseases can be transmitted through other objects like water, food, air, etc. Some communicable diseases causing health problems are cough and cold, eye infection, diarrhoea, influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, pox, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid and jaundice. 

Diseases that are not transmitted from one person to another are called non-communicable diseases. For example, cancer, high blood pressre, diabetes, etc. are some non communicable diseases.

Common health problems: We have so many problems in our country. Despite contol in pox and malaria, the outbreak of cholera, typhoid, dysentry and many other stomach diseases has spread widely. Malnutrition, lack of safe water, health issues. homelessness, shortage of doctors, unavilability of medicine, high mortality rate of mothers and infants and unawareness of personal healthcare, etc. have made common health problems more complicated.

Remedies for common health problems: Self-awareness plays the most important role in preventing diseases. We should always be carefull so that germs of diseases cannot be communicated. We should take all possible measures of personal health care to keep our body free from diseases.

Our immune system become stronger when our body is healthy and strong. We must know the ways of preventing each and every disease if we have to prevent communication of germs. There are specific ways to prevent specific diseases. But some common measures can help us to prevent spread of most of the diseases. 

They are -

1. Vaccination: Children and adults should take vaccines for those diseases which can prevented by the vaccines. Diseases that can be prevented through vaccines in our country are pox, typhoid, tuberculosis, influenza, polio, diptheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, hepatitis, etc.

2. Personal cleanliness: We should always maintain cleanliness of our own body, clothes, furniture, kitchen untensils, crockery, living places, bathrooms and surroundings.

3. Habit of washing hands with soap: We should wash our hands with soap every time after using toilet, before cooking and serving food, before taking food, after nursing sick people, after cleaning stool and urine of children and each time after returning from outside.

4. Cooking, preserving and serving food: We should take care in cooking, and the preservation and service of food. It is very essential for us to prepare food in a healthy way, to be careful about food preservation and to cover food all the time.

 5. Pest and insect: We should consider issues of remaining careful about pest and insect attacks, drinking safe water and washing with it, etc. as remedies for common health problems. Usually the spread of diseases takes place due to our ignorance and carelessness about health, which causes many deaths in our country every year.

6. Awareness builing to prevent diseases: We should build extensive public awareness about prevention of diseases. So public awareness can be raised by means radio, television, poster, cinnema, newspaper, public speech, etc.

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