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What is E-commerce?

What is E-commerce? E-commerce (Electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services or transmitting funds or data over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, or consumer to business. This thesis is concerned with the impact of electronic commerce on international tax laws, specifically source-based taxation. Before looking specifically at the arguments and propositions to be advanced by the thesis, it is both instructive and necessary, to begin with, a discussion of what is meant by ‘electronic commerce’. Discussions relating to electronic commerce normally begin with a pronouncement that it represents a fundamental and revolutionary development in communications that is likely to dramatically change the way business is conducted. This is usually followed by highly variable, speculative, and often mind-numbing estimates of the expected growth of th

Role of Energy in Development Activities

Role of Energy in Development Activities

There is a very close relationship between the development of a country and the use of energy. To speak the truth, energy use may be considered the first parameter to see how developing a country is.

We should pay our first attention to education for the development of our country. A lot of students in our country are studying in schools, colleges, and universities. We have to ensure an adequate supply of electricity to run these institutions properly. They need light for studying at night and their studies are hampered if the electricity supply is not ensured. Laboratories are to be used, and computers and networks are kept active for higher education, which has no alternative other than the supply of electricity.

Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of our country. As the country is small, the amount of suitable agricultural land is less, and it is further decreasing. Our country has achieved self-sufficiency in food by growing two or more crops in this agricultural land. For this reason, arrangements for irrigation are to be made in the agricultural land without waiting for natural agriculture alone. Without energy supply, this is not possible at all. Electricity or fuel is required to run the pumps for irrigation. Fertilizers are needed for agriculture and the necessary production is not possible without electricity and gas supply in fertilizer factories. Tractors are used to cultivate lands and for the processing of crops, the supply of fuel needed has to be ensured for tractors.

After agriculture, energy supply is needed to ensure health services. A healthy environment is needed for a sound body. In a densely populated area like Bangladesh, energy is required for creating a healthy environment and processing wastage. Energy is needed for a pure water supply. Electricity supply can not stop for a single moment for health services in hospitals.

Other than education, agriculture, and health services, energy is a must for the communication system, industries, mills, and factories and creating the infrastructure of a country. That’s why power plants are to be built through proper planning in our country to prevent a shortage of energy in the future. Misuse of energy is to be stopped and search for gas continued in new gas fields. As the energy supply requirement has increased quite a lot in the country, the establishment of a nuclear power plant may be considered a possible solution.

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