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What is PanSexual?

What is PanSexual? Pansexuality is a term that refers to people who are attracted to others no matter the other person's gender identity. That includes men, women, and anyone who falls outside of the gender binary.  Pansexuality is not just limited to sexual attraction but can also involve a romantic or emotional attraction. The "pan" is pansexual is Greek for "all". So, the term pansexual describes individuals whose romantic or sexual attraction to people is not limited by biological sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Read more What is rape? Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Mental Abuse What is autism?

Physical change

Physical change

All chemical substances consist of one or more elements. Sometimes, changes occur only in the physical conditions of a substance leaving its chemical structure unchanged. This is called a physical change.

Physical change examples

A solid piece of ice, if kept at room temperature, absorbs heat from the environment and gradually melts into liquid water. Again, heating liquid water up to 100°C will see the water vaporize into the air. Here, all the molecular formulas of all three - water, ice, and vapor are the same - H2O. 

That means each molecule of them has the same two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms in them. Therefore, all three substances are the same, only their physical states are different - ice solid while water is liquid and vapor is gaseous. This kind of change is called a physical change.

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