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Why is biology divided into the physical and applied branches?

Why is biology divided into the physical and applied branches? In biology, living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, reproduction, classification, origin, and evolution are discussed. Biology also teaches how to use this knowledge to improve human life. To discuss this knowledge in detail, biology has been divided into two branches. one is physical biology in which theoretical concepts are discussed, and the other is applied biology in which the way of using theoretical knowledge is discussed. Actually, for learning and using knowledge easily and effectively, biology is divided into these two parts.

What is fein? What is FEIN? What is EIN?

What is fein?

FEIN full form Federal Employer Identification Numbers. this is often a nine-digit number assigned by the interior Revenue Service (IRS). Federal Employer Identification Numbers also are referred to as Employer Identification Numbers (EIN). 

A FEIN is structured like this: XX-XXXXXXX

Businesses within us are identified by their Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN). 

There is no fee to use for this nine-digit number, which is exclusive for every business. Information and an application are available on the IRS website. it's important to notice that a business should only have one FEIN. 

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