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What is thermometry?

Thermometry The branch of heat relating to the measurement of the temperature of a body is called thermometry. The thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature of a body. The essential requisites of a thermometer are given as under:  1) Construction, 2) Calibration, and 3) Sensitiveness. For the construction of a thermometer, the proper choice of a substance, whose physical property varies uniformly with rising in temperature, is essential. 1) Construction The physical property of a substance plays an important role in the construction of a thermometer. In a mercury thermometer, the principle of expansion of mercury with rising temperature is used. The platinum resistance thermometer is based on the principle of the change in resistance with a change in temperature. The gas thermometer is based on the principle of change in volume or pressure with a change in temperature. 2) Calibration  When a thermometer is constructed, it should be properly calibrated. The standa

What is ready made software?

What is ready-made software?

Ready-made or out-of-the-box software is something you can buy, install and begin to use immediately, like MS Office, Photoshop, or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Such programs are made for general use and can not be modified according to your wishes. 

Ready-made software, also called commercial software, ranges from Microsoft Office suite to large enterprise applications that perform such tasks as accounting, manufacturing, and selling a company's products and services.

Ready-made products are targeted at a wide range of consumers and as a consequence, have a unified design and a standard build.

The main disadvantage of ready-made software is that it might not meet your company's unique needs. Prices of ready-made software are usually significantly lower. To get future updates of ready-made software we have to pay.

Ready-made software incorporates all the features experts think you need. For example, an off-the-shelf accounting app will provide you with an opportunity to write cheques and keep accounting records along with other functions.

Type of Ready Made Software

Various types of ready-made software. Such as -

  • School Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Medical Software
  • Dairy Software
  • Banking Software
  • GPS Tracking Software
  • Hospitality Management Software
  • Inquiry Management Software


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