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Federal Government

The federal government consists of more than one region or province. This type of government is based on the principle of the distribution of power. In this form of government, apart from state power and authority, according to the constitution is vested in the hands of the provincial government, and the national matters are vested in the hands of the central government. The provincial and central governments thus possess fundamental powers. Both run the governments separately and independently. In other words, there exists a dual form of government. India, the USA, and Canada are examples of federal forms of government.

Merits of the Federal Government

There are several merits of the federal government. For example:

Create coordination between national unity and regional individuality: This kind of government creates national unity by maintaining regional individuality and differences. By recognizing regional characteristics and differences, these are fostered in this form of government. Thus unity in diversity develops.

Lessen the workload of the central government: In this form of government, power is distributed through the constitution between the centre and provinces, relieving the central government's burden. The centre can perform its functions with ease.

Conductive to solving regional problems: In the federal system, the regional government can easily comprehend and identify the problems of regions and solve these problems.

Increases political awareness and helps develop local leadership: People are loyal to two governments and abide by two kinds of laws in the federal system. Thereby, people become politically more conscious. This system helps to grow local leadership.

Help to reduce arbitrary behaviour of the centre: Due to the distribution of power between the centre and provinces, the centre cannot assume absolute power. As a result, the centre has no chance to have any arbitrary attitude.

Demerits of Federal Government

Following demerits may be noticed in federal governments:

Complicated nature of rule: The organization of federal government is of complicated nature. It is like a government within a government. Consequently, complexities arise regarding determining the relationship between the centre and province, power distribution, and law-making and application.

Conflicts of power: In this system, conflicts may be created between centre and province or between provinces over the jurisdiction of power.

Weak government: Due to sharing of power, both national and regional governments remain weak. Quick and strong decisions cannot be taken during an emergency. Decisions are delayed if opinions of the regional governments are required.

Fear of secession: Provinces are separate and autonomous in federal governments. Taking advantage of this opportunity, any region or province may attempt to be separate.

Costly: As a dual structures of government exist, the cost of administration increases.

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