Why do dogs tilt their heads?

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

Dogs tilt their heads for several reasons, including:

Better hearing: Tilting their head can help dogs to better locate the source of a sound, especially if it's coming from above or to the side.

Better understanding: Dogs may tilt their heads to get a better view of your face and body language, which can help them to understand what you're saying or trying to communicate.

Showing curiosity: A dog that tilts its head can be a sign of curiosity or interest in what's going on around them.

Showing affection: Tilting the head can be a submissive gesture and a way for dogs to show affection or seek attention.

In some cases, head tilting in dogs may be a sign of a medical issue, such as an ear infection or vestibular disease. If your dog's head tilting is accompanied by other symptoms or behaviors, it's best to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health problems.

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