Why do horses need shoes?

Why do horses need shoes?

Horses may need shoes for several reasons, including:

Protection: Shoes can protect a horse's hooves from damage caused by rough or hard terrain, such as rocky or concrete surfaces.

Performance: Shoes can improve a horse's performance by providing traction and support for certain activities, such as racing or jumping.

Hoof care: Shoes can be used to correct hoof problems, such as long toes, contracted heels, or thin soles.

Comfort: Shoes can provide extra comfort for horses with sensitive hooves or those with certain medical conditions.

Not all horses need shoes, and the decision to shoe a horse depends on various factors, including the horse's breed, age, level of activity, and overall health. Some horses do fine without shoes and may have better traction and stability on soft terrain. A veterinarian or farrier can help to determine if shoes are necessary for a particular horse.

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