First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

All works in the laboratory are carried out in such a way that no undesirable incident takes place. However, in case of an accident, first aid is given and later, a doctor's advice is sought for the treatment. The affected person should be brought immediately to the clinic or hospital for treatment.

First aid materials are kept in a kit called a first aid kit. The first aid kit contains the following materials:

1) A 32 sq. inch absorber 

2) 16 adhesive bandages (1×3 inch)

3) Antiseptic cream/lotion

4) Burnol ointment

5) Medicated gloves, at least 2 pairs

6) 4 sterile pads (3×3 inch)

7) 1 triangular bandage (40×40×56) inch

8) Cotton, scissors, Dettol, etc.

Maintenance of first aid kit

Following matters are taken into consideration for the maintenance of the first aid kit.

1) Whether the first aid kit is kept in the right place?

2) Does the first aid kit contain all the necessary items? Are they used or damaged materials being replaced?

3) Are the materials still have an expiry date? Expired items should be replaced.

4) Unnecessary materials in the first aid kit should be removed.

5) Does the first aid kit contain the directions for use?

It is to be noted that, students and the laboratory-in-charge should be trained on how to use the first aid kit.

Laboratory Kit

Necessary items present in the first aid kit are collectively called laboratory kits. Antiseptic cream, gauge, cotton roll, cotton sponge, medical tape, small scissors, burnol, bandage, sprits, tincture of iodine, etc. are combinedly and called laboratory kit.

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