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Bohrs Atomic Model

Bohrs Atomic Model Scientist Neils Bohr gave some corrections to Rutherford's atomic model in 1913. This corrected model is called the Bohr's atomic model. The main postulates of this model are - a) The electron moves around the nucleus in a circular motion, about an axis. This circular motion is called an energy level or orbit. They are also known as the shell or permanent orbit or principal energy level. Electrons do not absorb or emit any energy when they revolve these fixed orbits. If we express the permanent orbit as n, then n = 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.  In other words, if n = 1, the principal energy level is K,  when n = 2, L is the principal energy level,  when n = 3, M is the principal energy level,  when n = 4, N is the principal energy level, etc. b) According to Bohr's model, the angular momentum of an electron in an energy level is mvr =  nh / 2𝜋 . Here, m = the mass of the electron (9.11×10 -31  kg) r = the radius of the orbit that the electron follows v = the veloc

Write simple instructions on 'How to cook fried eggs.'

Write simple instructions on 'How to cook fried eggs.'

How to cook fried eggs

First, one has to heat enough oil or butter to cover the bottom of the frying pan. When it is hot, but not very hot, or the butter is melted, he or she needs to add the eggs which should each be broken separately into a saucer and then slide into the fat. This is to make sure that he/she does not drop a bad egg into the fat. After that, he/she needs to cook gently much more slowly than ordinary frying - basting the eggs with the hot fat until the white is set. Finally, he /she must lift out with a fish - slice. If the fat is too hot and cooking too fast, the eggs will get tough and unpleasant to eat.

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