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Cell Division


Chapter - 3: Cell Division

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Different types of cell division occur in all types of organisms from unicellular to multi-cellular. One kind of cell division causes increases in body growth of the organism, and in the other type of cell division, developed reproductive cells and in some other cases organism multiplies through binary fission. 

3.1  Cell Division and its classification

Cell division

3.2  Mitosis

3.3  Meiosis

Question Bank

3.1  Cell Division and its classification

  • What is cell division?
  • How many cell division occurs in human body?
  • What is amitosis cell division?
  • Explain amitosis cell division with figure.
  • Explain the importance of amitosis cell division for mankind.

3.2  Mitosis

  • What is mitosis cell division?
  • What is mother cell?
  • What is daughter cell?
  • What is caryokinesis?
  • What is cytokinesis?
  • What is interphase stage?
  • Explain the stages of microsoft cell division.
  • What is aster ray?

3.3  Meiosis

Secondary Biology


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