Background of Biophysics

Background of Biophysics

Biology tries to understand the diversity of the living world and the process through which living things lead their lives. How do the animals collect food, develop relations with one another, perceive the environment and reproduce all these are the subject matter of biology.

On the other hand, the laws followed by the physical world of nature and the simple mathematical explanations of those laws are the subject matter of physics. It may seem that there is no link between the simplicity of physics and the complexity of biology.

But with the advancement of science, and depending on its different branches, a relation has been established between biology and physics. This new field has been named biophysics. Biophysics employs the simple and mathematical laws of physics in the complex processes of biology and thus investigates various mysteries of life. Biophysics is the bridge between biology and physics.

Biophysics in one way can identify the arrangement of atoms and molecules in DNA or protein; similarly, it can invent cancer treatments or artificial kidneys using technology. There is no doubt that biophysics can also play a significant role in controlling environmental pollution and thus save the biodiversity of the future world.

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