Programming Language Questions and Answer

Programming Language Questions and Answer

What is a Program?

Ans: Instruction set that a computer can understand.

What is an Algorithm?

Ans: Solving a specific problem in a logical and sequential way.

What is a Flow chart?

Ans: A diagram base process that solves a specific problem with some special symbol.

What is a C program?

Ans: A high-level and general-purpose programing language.

What is Data type?

Ans: An extensive system used for declaring variables or functions of different types, integer, float, character, string, etc are data types used in C.

What is a compiler?

Ans: A type of translator that converts high-level programming language to machine language. In other words, it converts the source program into an object program.

What is an Interpreter?

Ans: It converts high-level language into machine language just like a compiler. However, the interpreter executes the line and shows the immediate result.

What is Structured programming?

Ans: Edgar D Costa first gave the idea of structured programming for developing a large program. In the structure model, the whole problem is divided into different parts or modules.

What is Expression?

Ans: Combination of the different signs is called expression. An expression is created by using different signs or symbols. This sign or symbol is called an operator.

What is a keyword?

Ans: There are some reserved words called keywords in every programming language that are used while writing programs.

What is Function?

Ans: If the value of a variable is dependent on another variable it is called a function. Function means mathematical relationship.

What is a Variable?

The name used to store the data in memory.

What is Constant?

Ans: If the value of an expression remains unchanged, then it is called constant.

What is an operator?

Ans: The sign or symbol used in an expression is called an operator.

What is Array?

Ans: Array is a collection of the same type of data.

What is Looping?

Ans: Looping is a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached.

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