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Semiconductor and Electronics

Semiconductor and Electronics Notes for Class 11 - 12 Learning Outcomes Explain band theory of solid materials Explain conductor, non-conductor, and semiconductor by band theory Explain intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors Explain the concept of electron and hole in semiconductors Explain the p-type and n-type semiconductor Explain the construction and function of the junction diode Explain rectification Explain the construction and function of a junction transistor Explain the use of transistor as amplifier and switch Explain conversion of a different number system Explain Binary operation Analysis of the program of different logic gate Explain band theory of solid materials Energy Band:   There is a slight difference in the energy of electrons revolving in the same orbit in an atom of any matter. The range between the maximum and minimum energy level of these electrons situated in the same orbit is called the energy band. The energy level and energy band are not the same. The energ

Programming Language Questions and Answer

Programming Language Questions and Answer

What is a Program?

Ans: Instruction set that a computer can understand.

What is an Algorithm?

Ans: Solving a specific problem in a logical and sequential way.

What is a Flow chart?

Ans: A diagram base process that solves a specific problem with some special symbol.

What is a C program?

Ans: A high-level and general-purpose programing language.

What is Data type?

Ans: An extensive system used for declaring variables or functions of different types, integer, float, character, string, etc are data types used in C.

What is a compiler?

Ans: A type of translator that converts high-level programming language to machine language. In other words, it converts the source program into an object program.

What is an Interpreter?

Ans: It converts high-level language into machine language just like a compiler. However, the interpreter executes the line and shows the immediate result.

What is Structured programming?

Ans: Edgar D Costa first gave the idea of structured programming for developing a large program. In the structure model, the whole problem is divided into different parts or modules.

What is Expression?

Ans: Combination of the different signs is called expression. An expression is created by using different signs or symbols. This sign or symbol is called an operator.

What is a keyword?

Ans: There are some reserved words called keywords in every programming language that are used while writing programs.

What is Function?

Ans: If the value of a variable is dependent on another variable it is called a function. Function means mathematical relationship.

What is a Variable?

The name used to store the data in memory.

What is Constant?

Ans: If the value of an expression remains unchanged, then it is called constant.

What is an operator?

Ans: The sign or symbol used in an expression is called an operator.

What is Array?

Ans: Array is a collection of the same type of data.

What is Looping?

Ans: Looping is a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached.

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