How can a doctor perform surgery on a Patient remotely?

The use of information and communication technology has taken the field of medication to unparalleled heights. The use of databases, the popularity of telemedicine, and the invention of the genome have brought revolutionary changes in the field of medication. Many a thing has come within our hands reach that previously couldn't even be imagined in the field of medication.
Nowadays, an extraordinary aspect of the filed of medication is to perform difficult operations on sick patients from distance. Technology to operate with robots in absence of doctors has already started in the developed world. In this method, doctors at a distance get the robots to operate with the three dimensional (3D) view of the operating site. As a result, we can get medication service even in the physical absence of an experienced surgeon. Patient from one country is being able to undergo operation by doctors from a different country. Thus, both time and money are saved. Even though this method is being practiced in the developed world, it can be anticipated to spread all over the world in no time with the use of information and communication technology. 
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