What is fundamental force? Gravitational force, Electromagnetic force, Weak nuclear forces and Strong nuclear force

What is fundamental force?

Those forces which are fundamental or independent meaning those forces which do not derive from other forces rather other forces are one type or another expression of them are fundamental forces.

The four fundamental forces are:

  • Gravitational force
  • Electromagnetic force
  • Weak nuclear forces and
  • Strong nuclear force.

Gravitational force

The attraction force working between any two objects of the universe is the gravitational force. This attraction happens because of the mass. Among four fundamental forces, gravitational force is comparatively weaker.

Electromagnetic force

Two charged particles, because of their charge applies force on another which is called electromagnetic force.

Weak nuclear force

That short-ranged and weak force that works among the particles inside of a nuclear is weak nuclear force. Because of this force, instability occurs in the nucleus and Beta decay happens. Most 

Strong nuclear force

The strong force that works between two nucleons is a strong nuclear force. This force keeps the nucleons together. It is responsible for the stability of a nucleus. Its range is about 10-15 m which is equal to the radius of a nucleus. Among fundamental forces, it is the strongest of all. 

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