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Online typing jobs without investment daily payment

There are a few online typing jobs that offer daily payment without investment. However, it is important to note that these jobs are often very competitive, and the pay is usually low. Examples of online typing jobs without investment in daily payment Data entry: Data entry jobs involve typing data into a computer system. This can include tasks such as entering customer information, transcribing documents, or updating databases. There are many websites that offer data entry jobs, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Captioning: Captioning jobs involve typing the audio of videos and movies into text. This is a good option for people who are good at typing quickly and accurately. There are a number of websites that offer captioning jobs, such as and TranscribeMe. Transcription: Transcription jobs involve typing the audio of recorded conversations into text. This can include tasks such as transcribing medical interviews, legal proceedings, or business meetings. There are

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology
Table of contents

Computer and the security of the user

  • Importance of computer maintenance
  • Differentiate between software uninstallation and software deletion

Concept of Multimedia

  • Concept of multimedia
  • Medium of multimedia

Information and Communication Technology

  • Concept of Global Village
  • Main Elements of Global Village
  • Virtual Reality
  • Contemporary Trends of ICT
  • Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, and Nanotechnology
  • Morality in using Information and Communication Technology
  • Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Social Life
  • ICT and Economic Development 

Communication Systems and Networking

  • Communication System and Bandwidth
  • Data Transmission Method and Data Transmission Mode
  • Medium of Data Communication
  • Cable Media: Twisted Pair, Co-axial, and Optical Fiber
  • Wireless Media and Wireless Communication System
  • Mobile Communication and Different Generations of System 
  • Objectives and Classification of Computer Networking Devices
  • The function of Networks: Network Topology
  • Cloud Computing

Number Systems and Digital Device

  • History of Inventing Numbers and Number System
  • Conversion of Number System
  • Addition and Subtraction in Binary System, Signed Numbers, and 2's Complement
  • Code and Concept of Various Codes
  • Some Mathematical Problems and Solutions
  • Boolean Algebra, Boolean Theorem, and Truth Table
  • De Morgan's Theorem
  • Basic Gate
  • Universal Gate and Special Gate
  • Encoder and Decoder 
  • Adder
  • Flip-Flop and Register
  • Counter

Introduction to Web Design and HTML

  • Concept of Web Design
  • Website Structure
  • Basic Concept of HTML
  • HTML Formatting
  • Hyperlinks
  • Adding Image, Audio, and Video
  • Table Creating and HTML Layout

Programming Language

  • Concept of Program
  • Discussion on Different Types of High-Level Languages
  • 4th Generation Language
  • Program Organization
  • Algorithm and Flow Chart
  • Program Design Model
  • C Program
  • Data Type Uses in C Programming Language
  • Variable and Constant Uses in C Programming Language
  • The Numbers and KeyWords

Database Management System

  • Primary Concept of Database
  • Concept of DBMS
  • Classification of DBMS
  • Rational Database Management System


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