Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology
Table of contents

Computer and the security of the user

  • Importance of computer maintenance
  • Differentiate between software uninstallation and software deletion

Concept of Multimedia

  • Concept of multimedia
  • Medium of multimedia

Information and Communication Technology

  • Concept of Global Village
  • Main Elements of Global Village
  • Virtual Reality
  • Contemporary Trends of ICT
  • Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, and Nanotechnology
  • Morality in using Information and Communication Technology
  • Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Social Life
  • ICT and Economic Development 

Communication Systems and Networking

  • Communication System and Bandwidth
  • Data Transmission Method and Data Transmission Mode
  • Medium of Data Communication
  • Cable Media: Twisted Pair, Co-axial, and Optical Fiber
  • Wireless Media and Wireless Communication System
  • Mobile Communication and Different Generations of System 
  • Objectives and Classification of Computer Networking Devices
  • The function of Networks: Network Topology
  • Cloud Computing

Number Systems and Digital Device

  • History of Inventing Numbers and Number System
  • Conversion of Number System
  • Addition and Subtraction in Binary System, Signed Numbers, and 2's Complement
  • Code and Concept of Various Codes
  • Some Mathematical Problems and Solutions
  • Boolean Algebra, Boolean Theorem, and Truth Table
  • De Morgan's Theorem
  • Basic Gate
  • Universal Gate and Special Gate
  • Encoder and Decoder 
  • Adder
  • Flip-Flop and Register
  • Counter

Introduction to Web Design and HTML

  • Concept of Web Design
  • Website Structure
  • Basic Concept of HTML
  • HTML Formatting
  • Hyperlinks
  • Adding Image, Audio, and Video
  • Table Creating and HTML Layout

Programming Language

  • Concept of Program
  • Discussion on Different Types of High-Level Languages
  • 4th Generation Language
  • Program Organization
  • Algorithm and Flow Chart
  • Program Design Model
  • C Program
  • Data Type Uses in C Programming Language
  • Variable and Constant Uses in C Programming Language
  • The Numbers and KeyWords

Database Management System

  • Primary Concept of Database
  • Concept of DBMS
  • Classification of DBMS
  • Rational Database Management System
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