What are the responsibilities of participants at a meeting?

A meeting is an occasion when people come together to discuss or decide something. Meeting is a medium of oral communication. It is the most powerful communication in an organization, especially to the managerial and above positions. It is a common event in business, social, political, religious or state organization.

The participants of a meeting other than the chairperson attend the meeting not just to complete the quorum. They have also some responsibilities and can make some positive contribution there.

Responsibilities  of Participants at Meeting


Our first responsibility as a participant is to develop a healthy attitude to meetings. The members in the meeting must have an attitude to honour the opinions and outlook of others. Meetings are an essential tool of management and supervision and they can have positive value of everyone.


Our second responsibility is to ensure that we are properly prepared and informed on the topic. Every participant should read carefully the notice of the meeting and other related documents in order to find the background information of the meeting. If the participant is a newer one is delivering speech in the meeting, he should practise it at home.

Observing the other members

At this stage, characteristics, tastes, likings, dislikes, attitudes, feelings, the way of speaking and reactions, etc. of other participants should be observed keenly.

Speaking at the most appropriate time

It is the norm of the meeting to speak at the most appropriate time. Several good speeches go to waste simply because they are not well-timed.

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