How does vector marketing pay you?

Vector Marketing's pay structure is a combination of guaranteed base pay and commission, often described as "pay per appointment.

Guaranteed Base Pay:

  • You earn $16-$22 for every qualified appointment you set and attend, regardless of whether a sale is made. This isn't an hourly rate, even though appointments typically last 45-60 minutes.
  • This provides a safety net and takes the pressure off solely relying on commissions.


  • You earn an additional 20-30% commission on the value of each Cutco product you sell. This can significantly increase your earnings if you're successful in making sales.
  • Some sources report higher commission rates for exceeding sales goals, but details can vary.

How does vector marketing pay you

Important Points:

  • There is no base salary, so your income depends entirely on your performance and ability to set and attend appointments.
  • Building a strong network and effectively demonstrating Cutco products are crucial for success.
  • Some reviews suggest difficulty reaching high commission levels without a large personal network.

Resources for Further Research:


  • Vector Marketing is a commission-based sales job, so your income can vary greatly.
  • Carefully research the company and consider your risk tolerance before accepting a position.

FAQs About Vector Marketing Pay

1. Do I get paid an hourly wage at Vector Marketing?

No, you don't receive an hourly wage. Instead, you earn a combination of guaranteed base pay for qualified appointments and commission on sales.

2. How much is the base pay per appointment?

The base pay per appointment typically ranges from $16 to $22, but it can vary slightly depending on your location and specific role.

3. What percentage of commission do I earn on sales?

Commission rates at Vector Marketing typically start at 20% and can increase to 30% or more for exceeding sales goals.

4. Do I need to make sales to earn money?

Yes, while you receive base pay for setting and attending appointments, ultimately, your income will depend on your ability to make sales and earn commissions.

5. Is it easy to reach high commission levels at Vector Marketing?

Reaching high commission levels can be challenging, especially for new representatives. It requires effective sales skills, building a strong network, and consistent effort.

6. How often do I get paid?

Vector Marketing pays its representatives weekly, so you receive your earnings for the previous week at the end of each week.

7. Are there any additional incentives or bonuses?

Yes, Vector Marketing offers various incentive programs and bonuses for exceeding sales goals, achieving milestones, and participating in company initiatives.

8. What happens if I don't set or attend enough appointments?

Your base pay is directly tied to setting and attending qualified appointments. Not meeting set quotas could impact your overall income.

9. Is there a guaranteed minimum income at Vector Marketing?

No, there is no guaranteed minimum income. Your total earnings depend entirely on your performance and sales success.

10. Where can I find more information about Vector Marketing's pay structure?

You can visit the Vector Marketing website, check online salary resources like Indeed or Glassdoor, or contact the company directly for more detailed information.

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