How can e-governance ensure a better service to the people in Bangladesh?

How can e-governance ensure a better service to the people in Bangladesh?

Once there was a gap between people and the government. People had to spend much and toil much more on having information from a government office. 

The government employees behaved and in some cases, are still behaving with the general mass in a feudal way.

There had been severe red-tapism, often in the name of secrecy; it is not that red-tapism is no more causing people's morbidity - now tapism is losing its severity because of e-governance.

The feudal lords can no longer show their red eyes to the innocent people who used to go to them for different purposes like collecting forms or records, paying utility bills, submitting applications, etc.

E-governance shows the dawn of accountability and transparency to the people and the evening of feudal hurly-burly to the present-day "Rajasahebs" and their accomplices. E-governance also aims to eradicate the middleman ship's tremor from all sectors and offices - even from the office of the union parishad. It has driven out the touts strolling all day long in the offices of the sub registrar's offices, A.C (land), and so on.

Once students have to travel to distant places to collect and submit admission forms and also to know the results. The results of job exams are also available on this device.

E-governance is on the way to transparency. It is creating intercommunication among government and non-government offices and banks. The efficiency/productivity of the employees is also on the rise.

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