Society is an organized population that gets together to fulfill some common objectives. In other words, when a group of people is organized to fulfill some common purposes, a society is formed. By analyzing this concept of society, two characteristics can be noticed, such as-

1) a group of people living together in an organized way

2) they must have some common purposes for this organized living. Besides, some more characteristics are found among the members of the society. They are unity and mutual assistance, dependency, action-reaction, similarities, dissimilarities, and so on.

Relations between man and society are inseparable. Society consists of humans. And society meets multiple needs and thereby provides people with developed and secure social life. Human qualities and social values grow in society. Humans make society as they perceive that society provides the ideal and civilized life. The Greek philosopher Aristotle rightly said that man is by nature a social being. One who does not live in society is either a beast or a God. In reality, humans from the cradle to the grave foster and evolve themselves in society.

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