Write the characteristics of comedy of manners?

Write the characteristics of comedy of manners?

Comedy of manners is a type of play or theatrical genre that focuses on the manners, customs, and social behavior of a particular society, often through witty and humorous dialogue and situations. Its main characteristics are:

Satire: Comedy of manners often uses satire to criticize and make fun of societal norms and customs.

Upper-class society: The setting is typically the upper-class society and its characters are drawn from the aristocracy or wealthy bourgeoisie.

Witty dialogue: The dialogue is characterized by a quick wit, clever wordplay, and verbal irony.

Repartee: The characters engage in witty exchanges and banter, often trading insults or making clever comments.

Social customs: The play focuses on the manners, behavior, and social customs of the characters and their society.

Characterization: The characters are often stereotypical and exaggerated caricatures of members of upper-class society.

Plot: The plot is usually lighthearted, focusing on the romantic and social entanglements of the characters.

Language: The language is sophisticated, using elegant and refined vocabulary and syntax.

Irony: Irony is often used to create humor and to highlight the incongruities of the characters' behavior and societal norms.

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