What does tacit mean?

What does tacit mean?

The word "tacit" is used to describe something that is implied or understood without being directly stated or expressed. Tacit knowledge refers to knowledge that is not easily transferable through written or verbal communication but is instead acquired through experience, observation, and personal interaction.

Tacit knowledge can include practical skills, intuition, and understanding of cultural norms and values, and is often seen as more valuable than explicit knowledge, as it is less prone to obsolescence and more difficult to imitate.

In communication and negotiation, the concept of tacit knowledge refers to the unwritten or implicit rules and expectations that are often assumed by the parties involved. In such cases, a failure to understand or acknowledge the existence of these implicit rules can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

Tacit knowledge is an important aspect of organizational culture, as it can shape the way employees interact and make decisions within a company. Companies may strive to capture and preserve tacit knowledge through initiatives such as mentorship programs, employee training, and knowledge management systems.

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