What does swill mean?

What does swill mean?

The word "swill" has several different meanings, depending on the context in which it is used:

  • Waste liquid or slops: Swill can refer to the waste liquid or slops produced by the kitchen or household activities, such as food scraps and dishwater, that are often fed to pigs or other animals.

  • Poor-quality drink: In a more general sense, swill can refer to any poor-quality or cheap drink, such as alcohol, that is consumed in large quantities.

  • Stir or agitate: In a more literal sense, swill can refer to the act of stirring or agitating a liquid, such as a mixture of ingredients, to mix them together.

  • To wash or rinse: In some cases, swill can also refer to the act of washing or rinsing something, such as clothing or dishes, with water.

Regardless of the context, the word "swill" generally conveys a negative connotation, suggesting something of low quality or value, or that is wasted or discarded.

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