Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia

Characteristics: They are eukaryotic and multicellular animals. Their cells do not have nonliving cell walls, plastids, or vacuoles in them. As there are no plastids cells, they are heterotrophs, and so they depend on other organisms for their food. After ingestion, they digest their food. They have advanced and complex tissue systems. Sexual reproduction is their usual way of reproduction. Haploid gametes are usually produced in the reproductive organs of mature and diploid males and females. Embryonic layers are developed at the time of their embryonic development.

Examples: The entire invertebrate and vertebrate animals except for protozoan.

Thomas Cavlier-Smith from Oxford University divided the kingdom Protista of the living world into two groups, protozoa and chromista, and renamed the kingdom Monera as the Kingdom of Bacteria in 2004. In this way, he grouped the living world into six kingdoms. 

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