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What is thermometry?

Thermometry The branch of heat relating to the measurement of the temperature of a body is called thermometry. The thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature of a body. The essential requisites of a thermometer are given as under:  1) Construction, 2) Calibration, and 3) Sensitiveness. For the construction of a thermometer, the proper choice of a substance, whose physical property varies uniformly with rising in temperature, is essential. 1) Construction The physical property of a substance plays an important role in the construction of a thermometer. In a mercury thermometer, the principle of expansion of mercury with rising temperature is used. The platinum resistance thermometer is based on the principle of the change in resistance with a change in temperature. The gas thermometer is based on the principle of change in volume or pressure with a change in temperature. 2) Calibration  When a thermometer is constructed, it should be properly calibrated. The standa

Explain the importance of recycling metal?

Explain the importance of recycling metal?

The number of molecules of every element in the world is defined. It is not possible to produce fundamental elements. So every mineral is not infinite, they are finite. The resource of the metal will be finished within 120 - 150 years if we use the metal at the present rate. So if we extract the metal in a limited amount we can get it for many years. Besides this, recycling metal is important in solving environmental problems. It will save both money and fuel.

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What is thermometry?