What is numeric keypad?

Numeric Keypad

A numeric keypad is used to enter numbers only (although some have a function key to allow input of alphabetic characters).

   Numeric Keypad


  • Numeric keypads are used in automatic teller machines (ATMs), where customers can key in their personal identification number (PIN), an amount of money, etc.
  • Telephones have numeric keypads to allow phone numbers, etc. to be keyed in.
  • Electronic point of sale (EPOS) terminals have numeric keypads in case the barcode reader fails to read the barcode and the number has to be keyed in manually by the operator.
  • Chip and PIN devices have numeric keypads for entry of PIN, amount of money, etc.
  • They are used to enable fast entry of numeric data into a spreadsheet.


  • Numeric keypads are faster than standard keyboards for entry of numeric data.
  • Since many are small devices (e.g. mobile phones), they are very easy to carry around.


  • They can be difficult to use, due to very small keys.
  • It is difficult to use them for entering text.
  • Sometimes the order of the numbers on the keypad isn’t intuitive.
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