Applications of UV and IR Light

Ultraviolet light produces reactions in the skin then visible light. Some
of these reactions are beneficial and some are harmful. One of the
major beneficial effects of UV light from the sun is the conversion of
molecular products in the skin into vitamin D. Ultraviolet light from
the sun affects the melanin in the skin to cause tanning. However, UV
light can produce sunburn as well as tan skin. Solar UV light is also the
major cause of skin cancer in humans. The eye cannot see ultraviolet
light because it is absorbed before it reaches the retina.

About half of the energy from the sun is in the IR region. The warmth
we fell from the sun is mainly due to the IR component. The IR rays
are not usually hazardous-even though the cornea and lens of the eye
onto the retina focus them. Our eyes also cannot see IR light.
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