How likely is it that the concept of the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ will yield a habitable planet with a breathable atmosphere?

Our Sun is a very ‘quiet’ star. For its size, it doesn’t produce a lot of damaging radiation.

The amount of UV light it puts out is NOW countered by our atmosphere as Oxygen has produced Ozone which absorbs a lot of UVc. This Oxygen was initially produced by cyanobacteria in early development of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is extraordinary - i.e. the chances of this happening are slim… most planets will not have an oxidising atmosphere, will have much thicker atmospheres (i.e. hot, with much more greenhouse effects), and will not be conducive to life as we know it.

One of the major influences that allowed life to form on Earth was the Moon, which stripped a lot of our atmosphere off during its journey from just outside our Roche limit to where it is now. It also forms noticeable tides which helped marine life adapt to land-based life.

The other is our strong magnetic field that hinders the solar wind from stripping more atmosphere from Earth.
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